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India’s climate is dominated by monsoons. Monsoons are strong, often violent winds that change direction with the season. Monsoon winds blow from cold to warm
The temperature can reach as high as 110oF during the Indian winter.
Windia's monsoon winds
Windia's monsoon winds

Despite the potential for destruction, the summer monsoons are welcomed in India.

external image monsoons.jpgMercedes Galt -This website explains the different types of Monsoons. It also explains the effects of them, and where they take place.
A monsoon is a seasonal reversing wind along with amounts of rain. There are two different types, Summer Monsoons, and Winter Monsoons.

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Monsoon. By- Sydney Johnson. information on Monsoon.A monsoon is almost like a typhoon except with alot of rain and wind. it floods india mostly everytime on comes around.
Darbhanga, India recieves about 26 inches of rain each year. for more information click the link above.

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This website expalins Monsoon. It expains what the climate is like. Monsoon is a seasonal prevailing wind in the region of the India subcontinent and southeast Asia,blowing from the southwest between May and Setptember and brings rain.

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This website tells about the different kinds of moonsoons and what regions it effects. It also tells what it does to the agriculture and the land, the seasons for it and what causes it.

Every summer, southern Asia and especially India, is drenched by rain that comes from moist air masses that move in from the Indian Ocean to the south. These rains, and the air masses that bring them, are known as monsoons.

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external image arizona_monsoon.jpg - This website is about monsoons specifically in India. It says how Indian people can sense monson storms by senses. A monsoon is a seasonal storm caused by wind patterns going in reverse. These intense storms have been recorded to leave as much as 390 inches of rainfall over time. - Rocky