Grand Canal

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This page is the main information about the Grand canal/ breif history. What and where its doing in China.

The Grand Canal of China is the world's oldest and longest canal, far surpassing the next two grand canals of the world: Suez and Panama Canal.
The canal is 1,795 Km (1,114 miles) long with 24 locks and some 60 bridges.

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Grand Canal
The website provides pictures and information about the Grand Canal. It includes many details, such as the width and length of the canal.
The Grand Canal is the worlds largest Canal. The oldest parts of the canal date back to 5th century BC.

Grand Oasis Punta Cana Resort
Grand Oasis Punta Cana Resort
Shehid Radhe This website explains the history of Grand Canal and disaster of the canal.The Grand Canal of china is the world's oldest canal, far surpassing the next two grand canals of the world:Suez and Panama Canal.

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Great Canal. By-Sydney Johnson.

Great canal information.

out of all the canals in the world, this is the world's not only oldest but also the longest canal in the world. its approx 1,200 miles long! for more information click the link above. Mayra
This website mentions that Grand Canal is the largest Canal. Its shape is known to be a backwards “s”, it’s about two miles long and roughly towards the end of the canal is 350 feet wide.

Grand Canal
external image fev_grand_canal_w_gondolas_vaporetto_water_taxi_from_rialto_bridge_pb020461.jpg - This website contains information on boat tours on the Grand Canal. With up to 8 passengers, you can enjoy the a boat ride.The Grand Canal is the largest man-made canal in the world. It was originally built to transport troops back in 605 A.D. - Rocky