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This website explains exactly what Dharma is. It also includes information about what is important in Dharma.
Dharma is the idea of central importance in Indian Philosophy and Religion. For Hindu's Dharma is based off of many things.

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This page explains to us what dharma is and who it applies 2. The page also gives the principal of dharma and how one can acheive it.

The eternal principle of Dharma determines the harmonious functions of the cosmic machine. In order that we fulfil our role in the divine play we must behave within our Dharma. That is, we ought to do the right thing, at the right time, In the right way, and for the right reason.
Dharma is an Eastern term whose Western equivalents might include morality, ethics, virtue, righteousness and purity. Sadly, most of those terms are distinctly unfashionable in our modern culture. Yet it is Dharma by which the seeker of truth can evolve to gnosis.
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Dharma. By-Sydney Johnson.

information on Dharma/Karma.

´╗┐Dharma is cosmic norm, and if one life goes against the norm it can result in bad karma. For more information click the link above.

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This website explains what Dharma is how it changed and describes the religion. Dharma is one of the most important themes within Hinduism. One often sees dharma translated as religion, duty, or even righteousness. But if fact, there is no single direct translation for dharma

http://www.sol.com.au/kor/4_01.htm - This website lets you know what Dharma is. Dharma is a way of life based on good morals and ethics. There are many people with Dharma beleifs in India. Dharma branches off of Hinduis,.
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This website talks about the variety of meaning and understanding of Dharma. Dharma is known to bring happiness and wants nobody to suffer.