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external image New_Delhi-Akshardham_Delhi-Delhi-image.jpg - this website tells about the education, travel, weather, and realistate. there is much to see in delhi if you were to go like the palace above. the weather is Extremely unique they have many different types year round.
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This website tells about Delhi its locationa and importance to being the Capitol city of india. Also tells about the city as a tourist site and what is has.

Delhi is a city that has been wiped numerous times with new imperial cities sprouting accompanied by plunders of dynasties and rulers who fought battles just to conquer it as their pride and Glory. The city was born out of a complex past that defines the present state of its dynamism, beauty and ramifications.

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This website in the government page for Delhi. It gives stats and facts about Delhi.
Delhi is the largest metropolis area in India. There are nearly 22.2 million residents in the National Capital Region.

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This website shows maps and important areas, roads, hospital and hotels. It also explains the history of Delhi. Delhi is a city of north- central India on the Yamuna River. its important since ancient times, the old city was rebuilt by shah Jahan in the 17th century with high stone walls enclosing the red Fort that contained the imperial Mogul palace..

p89675-Delhi-Jami_Masjid_Mosque.jpg - This website informs you on hotels in Delhi. It tells you all about tourist attractions and specially priced packages. Delhi is one of the largest cities in India. There are about 22.2 million people that live in the city which is more than the naitons capitiol population. - Rocky Mayra
This website talks about the historical background in Delhi. It’s known to be home to many ancient empires like the Tomara dynasty, Slave dynasty, Tughlug dynasty, ect. Many believe that Delhi is the land of Indrapastha the capital seat of the Pandavas in Mahabharata. It’s also an important place for Sufism.