Deccan Plateau

external image decca1.jpg- Taylor Ward - This link talks about the Deccan Plateau in many ways, explaining what it is, what it can be used for, and also where it is located. The Deccan Plateau is a very dry part of land.
Deforested areas are being replanted with extensive monoculture that will further deficate some of the of the ecosystem. The Deccan Plateau is a very hard place to be located next to.

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This website is about the Plateau as in location, size, which places it runs through and historic events involving it. The website also tells about ancient civilizations and its influence on their culture.
the entire southern peninsula of India south of the Narmada river, marked centrally by a high triangular tableland. The name derives from the Sanskrit
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The Deccan Plateau refers to an area of southern India. It can refer to India south of the east-west flowing Narmada River. Deccan Plateau is a large plateau in India which covers the majority of the southern part of the country.Deccan PlateauThis website tells and shows you all about The Deccan Plateau. All of the animals in The deccan plateau are told about on this website. AshleyPH03803I.jpg

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Deccan Plateau
This website gives the definition of the Deccan Plateau. It gives an overall explaination of the climate also.
The Deccan Plateau is a large Plateau in India. It makes up the majority of the Southern part of the Country.

Deccan Plateauim0209a_lg.jpg - This website contains information on the diversity of the Deccan Platau. The land there is arid and not agriculture friendly but farmers have created technology to use the land to better potential. This platau takes up the southern half of India. This plateau is uniuqe because most plateaus are rich in agriculture but this one is not. - Rocky

external image ueol_03_img0103.jpgShehid Radhe This website shows pictures and explains hostry of Deccan Plateau. The Deccan Plateau is a large plateau in India making up the majority if the southern part of the country.It rises a hundred meters high in the north. Mayra
This website is mainly on an area of southern India, The word Deccan comes from the Sanskrit Dakshina which also means south. The area is connected on east and West Mountain and also two ghast.