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external image China-children.JPG?1287740624 - this link is about China's one child policy. it explains how one woman who had to get an abotion at 8 months preg. which is wrong. In china you are alowed one child, to prevent the populaion from overflowing completely. way to many people.xghdfg

external image China-One-Child-Policy.bmpGrace Nagbe This is link explains how this change came about and why it is highly inforced.
The Chinese have made great strides in reducing their population through birth control. But that has not always been the case.The one-child policy has been spectacularly successful in reducing population growth, particularly in the cities.

China's One Child Policy
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This link is talking about if the One Child Policy should be held or not, Also talking about the negative and positive aspects.
Following the policy correctly you can get granted less tax, health insurance and other things etc..

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this link talks abiut how china has proclaimed that it will continue its one child policy, which limits couples to having one child, through the 2006-2010 five year planning period. China's one child policy was established by Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1979 to limit communist China's population growth.

In 1979, three years after Mao’s death, a one-child policy was introduced to reduce China’s burgeoning population. According to the policy as it was most commonly enforced, a couple was allowed to have one child. If that child turned out be a girl, they were allowed to have a second child. After the second child, they were not allowed to have any more children. In some places though couples were only allowed to have one child regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl.One child- This news website tells you about the one child policy, and why they have this law in china. It also tell you about girls are popular in china. Ashley20080222-onechildnh12.jpg

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One Child
This website gives an overview of the whole policy of One Child in China. It also explains why this law is in affect.
The One Child law is to reduce the population, or keep it under control. The Government suggests families do family planning, so they dont have to give their babies up, or even worse abort them.

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China's One Child Policy - Will Jahnke
After the death of Mao, China introduced the policy of only allowing one child per family. If the child born was a girl, the family was allowed to have a second child, but no more after that. But in some places in China, a family can only have one child regardless of if it was a girl or a boy.


Chinas one child policy
once_child_policy.jpg - This website is Asian news about a woman who had more than one child. She had to have sterilizations and was fined. Due to the massive population in China, they have a strict one child policy. The policy has reduced Chinas population by an estimated 300 million. – Rocky

external image ChineseChildren-150x150.jpgShehid Radhe This website explains explains population in China and One Child Policy in China. One child policy was interoduced to reduce China's burgeoining population. According to the policy as it was most commonly enforced,a couple was allowed to have one child. Mayra
This website talks about China’s limit to children in their homes. China has mentioned many things about having one child and having that one child should be the limit. There are approximately 420 million men and women who live in China and have to follow Chinas policy. It also mentions that many women must apply for a “birth permit” before they are allowed to give birth. This website covers many of the questions Americans have towards this topic.