external image bollywood2.jpgMercedes Galt -This website is the main website for Bollywood. It explains all the current happenings and gossip.
Bollywood is just like the American Hollywood, but in India. Bollywood includes; actors, actress, movies, music, etc.

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external image logo_ankush4u.jpg_320_320_0_9223372036854775000_0_1_0.jpg - this website is about bollywood, it explains its history and what they do there.
it gives a few of the names of famous actors and actresses who have acted in movies there.

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In otherwords, bollywood is India's Hollywood and is the capital for there movie industry. If you want to be an actor in india, go to Bollywood.
original_Bollywood-Unplugged_465a8a1a7e9c9.jpg - This website is a database of India's bollywood movies and actors list.

external image bollywooddance.jpgTaylor Ward - This link talks about music and other types of entertainment in Bollywood. Also has examples of it.
Bollywood is named after Hollywood as anyone would think, but its the India version.

bollywood-filmy-dance.jpg This site includes the newest movies and upcoming entertainment from Bollywood. Also information about actors and performers.

Bollywood is a different version of Hollywood, but different ethnicity wise.
It includes movies, music, and all entertainment types. (LaceyRohrich)

This website shows many actors that have been followed by paparazzi. It also talks about the actor of 2010 and other major event Bollywood has. Bollywood is no difference from Hollywood. There are many paparazzi that do the same job as other paparazzi in America. (Mayra)

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Bollywood - Will Jahnke
Bollywood is a Hindu-language film industry located in Mumbai, (formerly Bombay) India. It is the largest film industry in all of India. The name Bollywood comes from combining the words of Bombay and Hollywood. Most of the Bollywood movies made are musicals and employ people all over India, from models to theater actors. Although the funds for making movies are much lower that Hollywood’s standards, Bollywood is famous all around the world. This website describes why bollywood is called bollywood. This website also describes languages the films are produced in, Bollywood is becoming more and more famous.

Bollywood is a film industry that was named after the American film industry Hollywood and the city Bombay in India. This film industry produces many films, mostly filmed in Hindu and Urdu, but there is an increasing rate of English films.

Bollywood is a dance that is commonly used in Indian films. It is mostly belly-dancing, modern jazz and Western erotic dancing. PEDRO RUIZ III

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This page is on the different actors and actresses of Bollywood and what Bollywood is all about
This is one of India’s major industry and what bring most attention this this region. This Was created by combining the city Bombay (where it takes place) and Hollywood America’s similar industry

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Bolly wood is indias hollywood like we have in the Americas. Theres is much different tho

they wear there original pieces of clothing and jewlerly. Most times tho they will

use the story line of an american movie.

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Bollywood is the Indian version of Hollywood. It has completely different styles and scripts. It has alot more dancing than hollowood does and often involves a romance. ZB

Bollywood- The name “Bollywood” is derived from Bombay which is the former name for Mumbai, and Hollywood the center of American film industry. Bollywood is the informal term popularly used for the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Bollywood-this website is the main website for everything you want to know about Bollywood. Music, Movies, Cloths, Dancing, and more can be found on this website.Ashley


bollywood.jpg.gif - This website has a news section dedicated to Bollywood. The website can keep you up to date on everything in the world of Bollywood. Bollywood itself is the movie industry in India. A lot of Bollywood movies are musicals and contain a lot of dancing.
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external image bollywood_dance2.jpgShehid Radhe This website explains bolly wood music abd songs. Bollywood is the name given to the Mumbai-based Hindi-language film industry in India